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Verified Stylist - Schatzi C.


Posted on January 01 2020

Menen Hair Co Verified Natural Hair and Extensions Stylist Schatzi C in Tampa, FL

Menen Hair Co values skilled beauty professionals who educate and inspire their clients to love the skin they’re in and beautify on their own terms!

Our verified licensed hairstylists, makeup artists, natural hair braiders, and estheticians demonstrate stellar professionalism, the pursuit of continuous beauty education, modern styling techniques, and a passion like no other! We also have the utmost confidence and recommend our verified stylists/artists when using Menen Hair Co hair extension products for desired professional results.


Meet licensed natural hair care and extensions specialist Schatzi C. who’s taking Tampa by storm! Schatzi’s approach to beautiful and well-maintained hair is centered around natural hair education, product education, and establishing an easy routine for her clients. Throughout her 7-year career, she has aimed to perfect natural hair growth retention, bridal hairstyling, and traditional sew-in extensions.

Traditional sew-in from hairstylist Schatzi C in Tampa, FL Flexi Rod Set from hairstylist Schatzi C in Tampa, FL Silk Press on natural hair from hairstylist Schatzi C in Tampa, FL

We sat down with the established Tampa stylist to learn more about her approach and her services:

Menen Hair Co: How long have you been a stylist, what initially sparked your passion? 

Schatzi C: I have been a licensed hairstylist since 2012 and have been in the industry since - a total of 7 years. I’ve always had a knack for hair, I was the little girl playing with her Barbie dolls giving them various hairstyles (or butcher-styles), so I guess you can say it has always been a part of me. In my young adult life, I pursued several career fields, but my heart led me back to my first love.

Menen Hair Co: What's your favorite service to introduce to clients? 

Schatzi C: Introducing healthy hair care to clients is the driving force of my artistry. Although I absolutely enjoy doing extensions nothing sparks joy like educating the client on how to properly maintain their natural hair for length retention and growth.

Menen Hair Co: What is your most popular service? 

Schatzi C: My most popular is the Traditional Install - my ladies love a natural-looking install.

Bridal Updo by hairstylist Schatzi C Tampa, FL  Traditional Closure Sew in by Schatzi C Tampa, FL




Menen Hair Co: What textures of hair do you specialize in? What is your approach to hair health? 

Schatzi C: Hair is my specialty no matter the texture. My hair health approach consists of creating a dialogue between myself and my client to understand their challenges and goals. Once I know what's going on I will devise a plan best suited for the problem. 

Menen Hair Co: Are you a traveling stylist? 

Schatzi C: Yes, I do travel. Most of my travel is for bridal clients, however, I will travel.

Menen Hair Co: Any other information you would like possible clients to know?

Schatzi C: Haircare is a necessity and should be treated as such. My knowledge and expertise will benefit you if we work together to achieve the goal! 

Menen Hair Co Verified Stylist Schatzi C Tampa, FL

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