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What is RAW Hair?


Posted on October 12 2019

What is RAW Hair?

The term RAW Hair refers to the unprocessed state of the hair extension. When hair is completely unprocessed retailers and manufacturers categorize it as RAW. Hair extensions that are unprocessed appear to be healthy, bouncy, less tangled, and full.

So what does Virgin Hair really mean?

“Virgin Hair” refers to the non-chemically processed state of the hair extension. High-quality Virgin hair is never acid dipped or processed by any other chemical process that would alter the cuticle or quality. However, Virgin hair is processed with extremely hot steam to create textures like Deep Wave, Kinky Curly, Body Wave, and so on.

In the end, RAW hair is the highest level of quality for hair extensions and lasts twice as long with regular deep conditioning, and Virgin hair is perfect for achieving trendy styles and unique curl patterns.

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