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Who We Are

Once a upon a time in beauty supply stores across America there was a time of chaos,  confusion, and simply false promises! OH NO! With the bat of her mink lashes and a major hair flip, Amelia Meskerem (Beauty Fairy Godmother), founded Menen Hair Co on the promise of a safe, straight forward, one stop shop of high quality beauty products for the everyday Queen!
Unimpressed with the lack of cultural representation and endless trend cycles in the beauty industry, she longed to create a brand that unapologetically represented inclusion, versatility, creativity, and high glamor fit for a Queen. Inspired by Empress Menen, Empress to the great Ethiopian King Haile Selassie, Menen Hair Co. pays homage to the African Queen’s strength, grace, and love for the community she served.
With Amelia Meskerem as CEO and Beauty Fairy Godmother, her free spirit and love for every Queen to look and feel her best defines the brand to this day.  

Our Pledge To You
We care about the quality of our products as much as we care about our clients. We pledge to never compromise on quality or unethical sourcing.
Our Hair Extensions Will Never Have or Be
Silicon Dipped, Acid Washed, Human Hair & Synthetic Fiber Mix, Formaldehyde, Funky Smell, Tested on Animals, Unethically Sourced
Our mission is simple, to provide high-quality ,convieniant, and reliable hair extension solutions for the everyday super woman on the go. 
​To shine a spotlight on Black and Brown positive representation in the beauty industry.

Menen Hair Co founder, Amelia Meskerem, got her start in beauty behind the makeup counter. Servicing thousands of clients over a 6 year span in Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Tampa for the largest beauty brands, Amelia found her passion in helping women look and feel their best to tackle the world. 

“From the moment I stepped into beauty I was overwhelmed with the fun I had helping people feel good about themselves and feel supported. Nothing was more important to me than the smile on my clients' faces and creating an open and fun shopping experience. Behind the counter, I had one rule for myself : I had to switch up my look every few weeks! This way I could experiment with new trends and new looks to keep up with the industry. One month I would have an extended ponytail, a hot roller set the next, and a sew-in the month after that, but the point was to always look different. After a while I found it really hard to find hair extensions and braiding hair that were trendy,high quality, and unique. I would spend hours online searching for companies that offered everything I would need for the monthly switch up that could be delivered right to my door. That is when Menen Hair Co was born! I wanted to create a brand that was anchored in consistency, customer care, and pure excitement for beauty! 


Beauty is inclusion. 

Beauty is an antidepressant

Beauty is self love. 

Beauty is strength. 

Beauty is about evolution. 

Beauty is acceptance. 

Beauty is our name, beauty is our game. These are our principles and essence of what we’re all about.

Amelia Meskerem